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27,5 Inch27,5 Inch

Available spring/summer 2018!

For a producer of high-quality bicycle tires featuring refined technologies, innovation comes first! Constant changes in racing, but also in the daily use of bicycles are permanently pushing us to find new technical solutions. Look at the ever-expanding E-MTB segment. Along with the use of lower tire pressures in modern MTB tires and the added weight of the bicycles due to the addition of an electric motor and battery, the risk of a tire failure increases. onza® tires’ newly-developed REC technology has been designed to address this. By using an extremely durable carcass with additional reinforcement at the tire bead, ambitious E-mountainbikers get extra high protection against pinch flats, impacts, flat tires and any other type of tire or rim damage.

The REC E-Mountainbike tire will be available in 27.5 x 2.85 for the IBEX and CANIS. Details to follow soon.

Weights may vary in the range of +/- 8% due to the application of natural resources.

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