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The ONZA Tires ERA program

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We are a small company with the sole purpose of creating the best cycling tires. We are infinitely passionate about riding and how our product performs. We know that having a clear understanding of specific tread patterns, rubber compounds, and intended conditions is very important when designing tires. However, it is all for nothing without the help of the riders who can put the tires to the ultimate test and can give us vital feedback to ensure that the product will live up to Swiss standards. This is why ONZA Tires supports a selection of riders active in different formats of mountain biking and BMX racing: They test ONZA products under real world conditions, and push the product beyond most of our abilities. We call these athletes the ONZA’s Elite Racing Associates, or ERA riders. In 2012, the ERA program saw a first highlight when Roger Rinderknecht won the 4Cross World championships using tires developed in this program. We are a small passionate group focused on being the best. Rinderknecht’s win is example of what happens when passion and focus can accomplish. We are looking to continue this winning form into 2015, with an impressive line-up of riders using ONZA Tires as part of the ERA program, further boosting our product development. The group of rider’s range from downhill and enduro racers, to bike adventurers and globetrotters, to some of the most daring big mountain specialists from Canada who constantly redefine what terrain is deemed too extreme, steep, or exposed.

All of this goes to show ONZA Tires’ philosophy: In order to raise our products to the next level, they have to be pushed to their limits – again and again. The Crazy Canucks – the big mountain specialists Years ago the Canadians were considered the mad dogs of alpine ski racing. In mountain biking, big mountain specialists are the ones who deserve this moniker. Riders like James Doerfling, Garett Buehler, and Geoff Gulevich are the latest addition to the team. They use rugged mountain faces as their canvas and their bikes as a brush to cut the most extreme lines into exposed terrain. They can only do this if they can fully trust their tires to offer reliable grip. These guys charge hard on lines that normally can only be ridden in winter on snow, and this has earned them countless appearances in extreme sports movies and at prestigious events such as the “Red Bull Rampage”. While Geoff “Gully” Gulevich has been one of the best-known and most popular freeride professionals for quite some years already, both James Doerfling and Garett Buehler have their best years still ahead of them. When every second counts: Downhill and enduro racing When racing, the right tire makes the difference between competing for the win or having to work hard just to keep yourself on the bike. This is not only for tire tread and rubber compound: Another important challenge is to find the right balance of puncture protection and fast rolling casings. In order to further advance the development of race oriented products, ONZA Tires has teamed up with extremely experienced and talented athletes.

Like Swiss rider Marcel Waldmann: One of the fastest downhill racers of his age category, he’s old enough that he could be the father of his compatriot Mike Schär, who has just left the junior category. Add to that Sam Flanagan and Mary Moncorgé, two talented athletes who race in the trending enduro format. Catch the moment – and the eye(s) Spectacular action in breath-taking mountain scenery: Mountain biking has always been and will always be a visual delight. Skilfully arranged and captured stories, travels and adventures, have won just as many fans for the sport as radical stunts or flat-out racing action. We understand the importance of sharing these adventures and travels in an effort to grow the participation in this lifestyle which is why we work with well-known photographers and riders such as Rob Heran, Manuel Scheidegger and BMX pro rider David Graf from the very start. These guys take their ONZA Tires to the limits around the world. The footage of their adventures and trips can be found not only on ONZA Tires’ website and in its catalogues, but also as part of the editorial content of mountain bike magazines and popular web sites such as mtb-news.de or pinkbike.com. Swiss quality for American shredders The American market is not just big but also rich in variety. Be it on dusty trails at the West coast, in the Rocky Mountain’s rugged terrain or on root-infested, twisting trails typical for the East coast: The demands in terms of tires are decidedly distinct and different. Due to this ONZA Tires has been planning to expand its ERA program to the United States for a long time. In 2015 this becomes reality: Next to the Madkats Racing Team with Alex McAndrew, Isaac Allaire, Ben Bodycoat, Tim White, Gavin Vaughan and Maricio Estrada is Team Billy Goat Bikes with Max Morgan, Dylan Contre, Joshua Rogers, Brandon Blakely and Jimmy Leslie on ONZA Tires. Neko “No Chain” Mulally is providing coaching and guidance to the members of the Team Billy Goat Bikes. Individual rider Kim Godfrey eventually completes the group of American ERA’s.

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