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VISCO Compound

Raw Material

Rubber is no ordinary material. Its an intricate mix of different ingredients. Getting the right properties regarding density and durability dialed according to a customers need is a complicated task. Consider it half science and half alchemy, based on a researchers experience. No wonder the resulting compounds are kept secret by respective manufacturers. VISCO uses its close connections to these companies, accelerating the way to results.


Shapes & Patterns

The right compound is one thing. But the tread pattern is important as well. Depending on the type of terrain, surface and weather conditions, traction can vary drastically. The right tread patterns go a long way in providing ample grip while keeping friction-related resistance as low as possible.

Over the years VISCO has gathered vast experience regarding the design of tire, shoe and grip patterns. We know what has worked in the past, and we have a pretty good idea about what could work in the future.


Extensive R&D

Great lab tests are one thing. The true test is outdoors. When developing new sporting goods, a close cooperation with active athletes or mountaineers is a must. They put the prototypes to the toughest tests imaginable, and they deliver precious feedback on what to improve before going to the market. R&D is a core component in Viscos product development philosophy. Working with top athletes has resulted in both top-performing products and great successes in sports.

Exchange of Ideas

You know what you need. We know how you can achieve this. Every developmental effort depends on a clear and exact specification of all requirements. Before setting out, we need to know the exact direction – from you, the customer. Based on our experience and connections we can find ways to get you to your target. This exchange of ideas is of utmost importance in order to work efficiently and in a target-oriented manner.

At VISCO we have spent years as intermediaries between brands and manufacturers. We know both sides of the business, and we can rely on an extensive network of experts.