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Joe Connell

Name: Joe Connell

Nickname: Have a few, depends who I’m with.

Date of birth: 20 March 1994

Place of Residence: Inverness, Scotland

Successes (highlights): 

Junior British Downhill Champion

Scottish Downhill Champion

2nd place British Enduro Champs

5th place Trans Madeira

Favourite trail or area for riding?

Steep stuff, some of unofficial tracks in morzine are amazing for that sort of riding.

When did you start riding mountain bikes?

I’ve been skidding around on my bike since I was 3 years old.

How did you get into the sport?

I used to ride to nursery with my dad and I guess as I grew up, I got more and more interested in mountain biking, I started reading the magazines and then I went to watch the World Cup in Fort William in 2005 when I was 11, after that I knew that one day I wanted to race that event. 6 years later, I raced it for the first time.

Best moment on a bike?

Every time I’m out on my bike I’m looking to ride new things and old tracks in new ways, so it’s always evolving and the fun experiences keep coming.

Worst moment?

I’ve had a few sore crashes but they usually toughen me up and show me my limits at that time, so they’re not all bad.

What do you consider your strengths?

I quite enjoy challenging situations and I’m pretty laid back, I guess I don’t dwell on things too much and I like to keep it moving.

And what is your weakness? 

Time keeping has never been a strength of mine, I’m slowly working on it!

How does your sport need to develop in order to get more attention?

More coverage on national TV would take it to the masses and inspire more people to get into it, but also more grassroots youth development and coaching would be great too.

Whom would you like to thank?

My Family, friends and sponsors who have been with me allong the way.

What is your favourite tire? Why?

Over the summer I rode the Aquila a lot! The grip and dampening of the tire is incredible!

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