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Ben Deakin

Ben has Instructed all over Europe and has worked with riders from novice to professional for the last decade, Not only Coaching but can also deliver Mountain Bike Instructor Awards for Private and Corporate Groups. A former Royal Marines Commando who was injured in the line of duty,  Since that day Ben has thrived to make a new career from Riding professionally  / Coaching People on Mountain Bikes. Ben’s known as one of the fastest riders in Southern England with numerous podiums and results to his name in the UK and around the globe to include 2017 Masters National Champion, 2nd Megavalanche 2017 (M30) 1st Crankworx New Zealand Air DH, Third in the English Championships and also holds the Hardtail National Champion title! As well as racing Ben likes nothing more than getting his bike sideways bagging a top 5 position at the IXS Dirtmaster Whipoffs in Germany and competing in the WhipOff Worlds in Whistler, BC..

Name: Ben ‘The Deakinator’ Deakin

Nickname: Deaks

Age: Old enough to know better and not young enough to bounce.

Place of Residence: Sunny Bournemouth (South of the UK)

Successes (highlights): 

2018 (Masters Category) 

2nd National Champs

2nd Crankworx Air DH New Zealand

3rd Crankworx Whistler

2nd Malverns Enduro

Top 5 Dirtmasters WhipOff

Finalist Whistler WhipOff

2017 (Masters Category

1st National Champs

1st Crankworx Air DH NZ

2nd Megavalanche

1st Peatys Steel City

2nd Les Gets Crankworx

Top 10 Dirtmasters WhipOff

Favourite trail or area for riding? 

Not a straight forward answer I am afraid, My first time in Whistler in 2014 was mind blowing as the trails at the park are insane! I also love Queenstown in New Zealand for the epic views and the off piste trails although I am all about riding with friends so I am just as happy at the local with good friends.

When did you start riding mountain bikes? How did you get into the sport?

I first got a taster of real Mountain biking when my friends at school lent me one when I was 14 years old, I then purchased one later in the year and raced my first Cross Country race, (You weren’t allowed to race DH until you were 16 in the UK) gradually all my friends neglected bikes in exchange for modding Mopeds and Cars but I had the racing bug inside me and started racing Downhill when I was 16 and met a whole circle of Friends and haven’t looked back since.

Best moment on a bike? 

Winning my first race as a youth rider, I remember it to this day nothing comes close to winning a race and being the fastest man down the hill!

Worst moment? 

Crashes are never good and unfortunately I’ve had a few, Worst that sticks out how ever had to be during a Crankworx Whip Off competition in New Zealand in 2015 resulting in overshooting a jump to flat breaking my shoulder and thumb on the opposite side so it made the rest of a trip a struggle and the flight home was bit of a nightmare. That can be found on Youtube.

What do you consider your strengths? And what is your weakness?

I consider my time in the military to give me great mental strengths of being positive in majority of situations, A saying in the Royal Marine Commandos ‘Cheerfulness in the face of adversity’ sums that up in a majority of situations making the most of where you are and who you are with.

I think my weakness is ability of being bored easily as I definitely operate a lot better surrounded by other people and friendly faces.

How does your sport need to develop in order to get more attention?

It is definitely getting far more coverage now from the bigger riders and out of industry sponsors which I feel is for the best for the sport, I am still a firm believer in Downhill Racing being Mountain Bikers answer to Formula 1. At the same time Enduro racing certainly in the UK is opening up alot of doors to former Cross Country racers, Downhill Racers and just new riders alike.

Whom would you like to thank?

A massive Thankyou firstly to all my Friends and Family for the support over the years, My Parents driving me to various riding venues as a kid, My Fiancé for putting up with Bikes in the kitchen, And lastly but no means least all of my Sponsors for allowing, backing and putting trust in me to represent them in various ways around the globe, something I could of only dreamt of as a kid.

What is your favourite tire? Why?

I have a few for different reasons;

My racing DH bike will have Aquila tires on for majority of conditions and have not experienced a tire like it for grip,

You cannot beat the Ibex for a fit and forget tire on the trail bike, And Skin walls because why not they look Pimp as heck!!! #OiOi

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