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ONZA Tires joins the YT Mob with Aaron Gwin and Ángel Suárez!

March 23, 2016 4:53 pm // Published by .

ONZA Tires has a fairly simple range of tires aiming to cover the needs of riders worldwide. There is no compromising on the quality of our tires, designed for optimal usability, with a strong emphasis on Swiss performance. Satisfying the high expectations of our customers requires products that are thoroughly developed before being released into their eager hands.
The development process emphasis working with the best people possible. This includes a keen focus on the quality of our riders being paramount since the very start. We’ve managed to celebrate some fantastic successes in our short history, such as the 4X World Championship title in 2012 and last year’s Junior Women DH World Championship title. The development of new Onza product relies heavily on our Elite Racing Associates program (ERA), closely cooperating with athletes that are amongst the best in the downhill, slopestyle, freeride, enduro and dirt jump formats.

It is with immense pride that ONZA Tires will see Aaron Gwin, one of the winningest downhill riders of recent years, join our Elite Racing Associates program. From our perspective, this is nothing but a consistent continuation of our ERA philosophy. We are convinced that Aaron and ONZA Tires are a great match. He is known to be obsessed with the details, always in search of the best equipment, leaving nothing to chance. He’s come to the right place.

Here is what Mr Gwin had to say on his new partnership with ONZA Tires:

Aaron’s future success will undoubtedly help amplify ONZA Tires’ global media presence significantly, a more than welcome side effect. But more importantly we are excited about developing new tires and new technologies over the next three years in close cooperation with Aaron Gwin and his YT Mob team-mate Ángel Suárez.

ONZA Tires’ new VISCO GRP40 rubber compound, with its super efficient damping, is going to be the perfect partner for the YT Mob riders. We will spare no effort in making sure that both riders have the best product we can produce, giving them that competitive edge on race-day. Being chosen by a rider such as Aaron Gwin for that all-important role of keeping him on the track is an incredible honor for us. And that honor is also our commitment. We may be small, but we’ve got ambition. The first round of the DH World Cup can’t come soon enough!


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