Made in Europe


As a tire company, our mission and purpose is to ensure that riders have the rubber to ride their bikes. The rubber doesn’t stop at tires though. Tubes are an integral part of everyday bicycle life and enables people worldwide the ability to ride their bikes! At ONZA, we offer high-quality tubes manufactured in Europe for consumer purchase.


As a small rider owned and operated business we were able to do many things differently from our big competitors, resulting in our own and destinctive lineup of tubes.

Swiss Performance

Our credo is not just a written piece of text – it’s also embodied in our products where no detail is being untouched.

Contrary to the prints that the industry is using (and we used in the past) to label tubes, we decided to take the extra mile and emboss all information on our SA3 tubes. Resulting in a super high end finish.

Made in Europe

We are excited to bring manufacturing of our tubes to Europe as the only well-known brand!

All ONZA tubes are manufactured to the highest quality standards in our European partner factory under fair working conditions and with less environmental impact.

47mm Presta Valve

All SA2 and SA3 mountainbike tubes are equipped with a 47mm long Presta valve. This ensures compatibility with all rims with a height between 5mm (single wall) and 35mm.

The valve core is not removable for ease of use and to prevent unwanted trailside surprises.

Valve Cap and Nut

All ONZA tubes come with the valve nut and cap pre-deinstalled to and kept in an extra pouch to make tube changes fast and easy. Saving some extra time out on the trail while your friends are waiting for you to fix your puncture or saving an extra step for mechanics in our beloved bikeshops.

Part # Description Category Size Weight ETRTO Thickness Valve
A2020000 SA3 | made in Europe Trail | Enduro 26×2.10 – 2.60 200g 54|66-559 0.9 mm Presta, 47mm
A2020003 SA3 | made in Europe Trail | Enduro 27.5×2.10 – 2.60 210g 54|66-584 0.9 mm Presta, 47mm
A2020006 SA3 | made in Europe Trail | Enduro 29×2.10 – 2.60 220g 54|66-622 0.9 mm Presta, 47mm
A2020012 SA2 | made in Europe XCC | Trail 27.5×2.10 – 2.60 150g 50|57-584 0.6 mm Presta, 47mm
A2020015 SA2 | made in Europe XCC | Trail 29×2.10 – 2.60 160g 50|57-622 0.6 mm Presta, 47mm

Weights may vary in the range of +/- 8% due to the application of natural resources.