Producer of high quality tires with distinctive looks and a healthy dose of Swissness. That’s the concept onza® tires continues to live by in its tenth season. Such a young brand has already achieved some impressive results. Take former team rider Roger Rinderknecht, winner of the 2012 4X World Championship title, or Aaron Gwin, who became Downhill World Cup overall Champion in 2016 and 2017 onboard our Aquila tire. Wins in racing, positive tests in special interest magazines and word of mouth between enthusiasts out on the trails have all contributed to the ever increasing presence of onza® tires on bikes worldwide. These tires perform with the best in terms of traction, flat protection and weight. For 2020 you will see the work done with our team riders to develop some new products for Downhill and Enduro/Trail applications.


Our products are available in over 30 countries. Visit our distributors-page to find out where to get your ONZA gear!

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  • Tires are your connection with the ground, that is exactly where I want the Swiss perfection and attention to detail Onza is known for.

    Alex McAndrew, DH/Enduro Racer
  • The grip and dampening of the Aquila is incredible!

    Joe Connell, EWS Racer
  • Grippy tires are crucial to win races and enjoy riding to the max – I couldn’t be happier than with my ONZA tires! The Skinwalls take the look of my bikes to another level. #OiOi

    Ben Deakin, Racer and Freerider
  • I put a lot of trust into my tires dropping into some of these big chute lines, the new GRP40 compound will never leave doubting my traction on the way down!

    James Doerfling, Big Mountain Freerider

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