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A good start for Onza Tires’ enduro sponsoring

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A new era in the sport of mountain biking has started last weekend in Punta Ala, Italy when about 500 athletes competed in the first event of the Enduro World Series. Onza Tires’ team riders fared well against a star-studded field of competitors, including several formal downhill world champions.The first edition of the Enduro World Series proves the enduro format is booming. This is no surprise as this kind of racing is a perfect fit to the spirit of mountain biking. All the race times are only taken on special stages that mostly point downhill, leading over singletrack and contested in a single start format. The climbs have to be covered with no assistance but within a generous time limit.

The first European racing series was held in 2012, paving the way for 2013’s Enduro World Series. Onza Tires recognized this trend early on and decided to sponsor two strong enduro teams for this season. Enter the Norco Enduro World Team and the Italian Life Cycle Team.

On this long weekend, the participants faced four special stages rather than the original five. The rain had been pouring down in the days leading up to the race and particularly throughout the night before the race, drenching the soil and making the stages really power sapping. This made the results obtained in Punta Ala by the riders in the two teams sponsored by Onza Tires all the more impressive as the conditions were really hard and the field was stacked with big names in the sport. Manuel Ducci of the Life Cycle Team finished in 13th position, Ludo May of the Norco Enduro World Team followed suit in 14th. His teammate Lukas Anrig also made it into the top 50 with a 39th place. In the women’s race, Lorraine Truong of the Norco Enduro World Team even got to celebrate an 8th place while Valentina Macheda of the Life Cycle Team finished in 13th.

Tire choice between the two teams’ riders differed. With the Norco Enduro World Team riding on the 27.5-inch wheels, all riders were relying on prototypes of the IBEX 27.5×2.40 with reinforced sidewalls both up front and in the back. The Life Cycle Team combined the CANIS FR 2.25 and the IBEX FR 2.25 with EDC casings for even better puncture protection. Some of the riders opted for the GREINA FR 2.25 up front due to the muddy conditions.

So a great opportunity for Onza Tires, with success and valuable information obtained from the first race of the Enduro World Series. We can’t wait for the next race!

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