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Neko Mulally

Neko Mulally

Gnarly Mulally

Date of birth:
February 19, 1993

Place of Residence:
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

Successes (highlights):
3rd Place Cairns World Cup 2014, Chainless run for 4th place at 2014 World Championships, National Downhill Champion 2011, 2nd Place Junior World DH Championships 2010

Favourite trail or area for riding?
Val di Sole, Chatel Bike Park

When did you start riding mountain bikes? How did you get into the sport?
My Dad raced the NORBA Nationals in the 90’s and started my brother and I racing BMX at a young age.

Best moment on a bike?
Achieving something greater than yourself as a team.

Worst moment?
Breaking my arm before the start of the 2010 season. I had a great opportunity in my first year racing professionally and missed nearly the entire season.

What do you consider your strengths? And what is your weakness?
Strength: Commitment and dedication to the task.
Weakness: Putting too much on my plate

How does your sport need to develop in order to get more attention?
Continued growth of red Bull TV, and seen more on other TV Channels

Whom would you like to thank?
My Mom: Carolyn, and my brother: Logan

What is your favorite tire? Why?
Recently I got to race in wet conditions and I raced the Greina…40a compound on the front, and 55a in the rear, and was really stoked on the product, can’t wait to try the new Aquilas that Aaron has been winning on!

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