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Baptiste Pierron

Baptiste Pierron

Date of birth:
08. August 1993

Place of Residence:
Vielle Brioude – Auvergne – France

Successes (highlights):
Nice results at 2015 Mont Saint Anne (30) and Windham (26) World Cups, I manage to be in the top 50 UCI ranking… I also ended second at the French cups 2015 Overall.

Favorite trail or area for riding?
Secret home trails I build in winter !

When did you start riding mountain bikes? How did you get into the sport?
I like motocross but my parents disagree so I did MTB !, My first trails where around the “Lac Blanc” venue… We then move to center France and I discover the roots and muddy conditions!

Best moment on a bike?
The 2015 windham race, I was really in my run and it was a fantastic moment, track, speed, crazy people around.

Worst moment?
When everything is in place and you get some odd things, puncture, fall down…

What do you consider your strengths? And what is your weakness?
I’m easy on high speeds that is a real strength nowadays as we go faster and faster, I’m also easy on roots ! I need to get more confidence in myself…

How does your sport need to develop in order to get more attention?
We need good tracks, nice paddocks areas, venues must be attractive so lots of people come and meet us. Also we are real athletes and this have to be known.

Whom would you like to thank?
I’d like to thanks my parents for their support and of course my team, they are all very supportive and really helpful… Also ONZA Tire of course !

What is your favorite tire? Why?
I quite like the 45a IBEX, it is versatile enough, but I also enjoy the soft GREINA, nearly perfect on my home soil !

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