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Angel Suarez

Angel Suarez

Pata Negra

Date of birth:
08. December 1995

Place of Residence:
Vigo, Spain

Successes (highlights):
2016 Spanish National Champion
16th World Cup Lenzerheide (SUI)
23rd World Cup Leogang (AUT)
28th World Cup Val Di Sole (ITA)

Favourite trail or area for riding?
Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup track, it’s high speed and technical and the Bike Park Ponte De Lima in Portugal

When did you start riding mountain bikes? How did you get into the sport?
In 2011 a friend gave me a bike to try when I was 16, and I just loved it from the beginning.

Best moment on a bike?
Getting my first Top 20 World Cup result in 2015 in Lenzerheide.

Worst moment?
Season 2016 when I had some dislocations in both of my both shoulders and two surgeries at the end of the season, followed by the toughest recovery I’ve ever experienced.

What do you consider your strengths? And what is your weakness?
My strength is that I have been racing motocross since I was 8 and therefore I know a lot about racing and the pressures of it. My weakness at the moment is pedaling but I am improving.

How does your sport need to develop in order to get more attention?
The sport is fine, we just need the UCI to get a good sponsor for the series and for red Bull to get us on TV more!

Whom would you like to thank?
My team The YT Mob, the sponsors of our great team, my family especially.

What is your favorite tire? Why?
I really like the ONZA Citius DH tire. I tried it recently at a photoshoot in California and I just really liked how it felt in loose ground.

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