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Alex McAndrew

Name:Alex McAndrew

Nickname: The Kid

Date of birth: July 2nd 1990

Place of Residence: East Burke, Vermont, USA

Successes (highlights):  

3rd EWS Continental Burke, 2011

Collegiate National DH Champ, Eastern States Cup Eastern Champ 2014

6.5 Seconds off of qualifying at Lenzerheide WC  2017

Favourite trail or area for riding?  

Any trail with fresh loam, Steep and Deep! The NorthEastern US, and NorthWestern US

When did you start riding mountain bikes? How did you get into the sport?

I grew up on a dirt road in the country, with no TV and No video games I lived outside, my bike was my freedom. I got my first MTB at 10, got a job at a bike shop at 14, and never looked back.

Best moment on a bike?

Too many to think of just one. I think calling home after winning  Collegiate Nationals.

Worst moment?

Breaking my radius, knowing I had a chance at a top finish at National Champs in 2017

What do you consider your strengths? And what is your weakness?

Strengths, would have to be racing in the slop, and my fitness/strength, weaknesses would be dusty dry conditions.

How does your sport need to develop in order to get more attention?

I would love to see more brands involved from outside the industry at events, I think more riding schools geared towards beginner/intermediate trail riding would really help.

Whom would you like to thank?

My Parents, My fiance, and My MTB Mentor Hank for being supportive and patient!

What is your favourite tire? Why?

I would have to say the new Aquila, I had to re-think my cornering with that much grip!

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