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Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin


Date of birth:
24. December 1987

Place of Residence:
Wildomar California

Successes (highlights):
4x World Cup Overall Champion, 16 World Cup Race Wins, 7x US National Champion

Favourite trail or area for riding?
Mammoth Mountain California

When did you start riding mountain bikes? How did you get into the sport?
I started riding mountain bikes at the local race series in Fontana California at the beginning of 2008.

Best moment on a bike?
Winning my 2015 World Cup overall title.

Worst moment?
Crashing and injuring my shoulder at World Champs in South Africa 2013.

What do you consider your strengths? And what is your weakness?
I believe my biggest strength is that I’m a well rounded rider who’s both physically and mentally strong. I’m confident that I have the skills to win on any type of track, in any kind of weather conditions. It hasn’t always been this way and I worked hard to fill in the missing pieces over the years. At this point I don’t feel that I have any major weaknesses, but I’m always searching for areas to improve on.

How does your sport need to develop in order to get more attention?
I believe the level of professionalism from the riders and sponsors needs to improve in order to be more successful. I realize that’s a little hard to swallow with so many people valuing their “core” image but for top level downhill to move further into the mainstream, there’s a certain professionalism needed to gain the respect and attention of that type of audience. This thought could be broken down a lot further in explanation, but that’s my opinion in short. I believe the sport has been improving in this area recently and I hope to see it continue into the future.

Whom would you like to thank?
Sponsors, family and friends. You know who you are, thanks.

What is your favorite tire? Why?
I have just starting winning on the new AQUILA tire, I’m really stoked on how they’ve come out!

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