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VISCO GRP40 – a top-class high-performance compound

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Current tire manufactures offer consumers a wide variety of technologies focused on beads, rubber compounds, casings, etc. There are hundreds of tread designs, using single, dual, or even triple compounds, with numerous durometers. You would think that all consumers needs have been covered by the current selection of rubber on the market. That this confusing array of compounds, casings, patterns, and technologies have exposed us all to what is possible with our tires. Well, we don’t think that is true. We believe that we can go further. Step passed what is believed to be the ‘best’ today and develop what will be the best tomorrow. ONZA Tires has always tried to meet the high demands of the notoriously picky gravity community. Back in 2011 we were experimenting with a rubber manufacturer well known for its shoe soles in order to develop tires that offer unmatched traction, but those experiments did not lead to satisfying results. Three years and another intense developmental phase later, we are sure that we managed to produce the best possible rubber for enduro, freeride and downhill tires in close cooperation with VISCO Lab GmbH. The GRP40 rubber compound has been developed with just one goal in mind: to shine under the tough conditions encountered on the most demanding trails and racecourses this world has to offer. As a result of an in-depth collaboration with Swiss company VISCO Lab GmbH, ONZA Tires is proud to present its new high-performance GRP40 rubber com- pound. Our new tire models with the VISCO GRP40 rubber compound have been presented publicly for the first time at this year’s Sea Otter Classic festival in Monterey, Califor-nia/USA. VISCO Lab LLC The team of VISCO Lab, LLC is comprised of a small group of smart people. All they do is focus on the development of unique products made of rubber. The results are innovative products for a wide range of uses, resulting from a close cooperation with the respective partner. Redbull Rampage, Utah/USA As one of the first riders of ONZA Tires Elite Racing Associates (ERA’s), Canadian freerider James Doerfling got to test pre-production tires using the GRP40 rubber compound at 2013’s Rampage in Utah, United States. From the very start, James was both enthusiastic and fully convinced about the performance of his new tires. The new tire tread build from the new wonder compound passed this test flawlessly and we could consider to start the production. As per end of May 2015, the new tire models from ONZA Tires using the GRP40 rubber compound will be available through specialist retailers.

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