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Rider Portrait – Yannick Granieri

For years, Frenchman Yannick Granieri has been one of the world’s best dirt jump and slopestyle riders. After an early end to his 2012 season due to a torn LCA ligament, Granieri wants to return to his trademark attacking style in 2013 – on Onza Tires.
At the age of 26, Yannick Granieri is an experienced rider in dirt jump and slopestyle competitions. The results of the last couple of years demonstrate his class: at Montpellier’s high-prize FISE contest (FISE = festival international du sports extrèmes), Granieri has always made it to the podium in recent years, and ever since the FMB World Tour began, Granieri has never ranked worse than seventh in the overall standings. The Frenchman is always a contender for a podium spot, and if there is a special bonus for the best trick, he is a rider to watch for sure. In 2012, he won the best trick contests at both the Claymore Challenge and the Suzuki Nine Knights event.
But Yannick Granieri has also had to go through the downside of his sport last year. At the Bearclaw Invitational held last summer in Canada, he tore the LCA ligament in his left knee. Rather than competing at the Red Bull Rampage and fighting for a podium spot in the FMB World Tour’s overall standings, the Frenchman had to undergo surgery at the beginning of October. This made him drop to sixth position in the FMB overall standings, but Granieri did not allow this injury to discourage him. Instead, he has been training for up to four hours a day to get back to his best health. «Everything has healed up very well, and now I want to return even stronger than ever in 2013.»
Although competing at the Vienna Air King was not possible yet for Yannick Granieri, he wants to be back and fight for the win at Montpellier’s FISE contest in May. «I have always been on the podium of this contest for the last four years, but I have yet to take the win. So a victory in Montpellier is my second big goal for 2013. I also want to return to the podium for the FMB World Tour’s overall standings, and most importantly I want to have fun on my bike every single day.» Yannick is down-to-earth in direct conversation, and getting in touch with Onza Tires was no different. «When I visited the 2012 Eurobike trade show, I did not know the brand yet. But I liked what I saw right from the start. The tires look great, but that is not all.»
Granieri had a conversation with Onza Tires’ general manager Michel Manz, and soon an agreement was found: «I really like the fact that Onza Tires does not have one hundred different tire models but still manages to cover all the important needs. This way it’s simple and easy to know what tire suits my needs. I particularly likedOnza Tires’ dirt jump tires, and in most contests I will be riding the XIII model. If the terrain is rougher at some slopestyle contests, Onza Tires has the right tread for that as well.»
Rider profile: Yannick Granieri
Nickname: Frenchy
Date of Birth: December 22, 1986
Hometown: Lançon de Provence, FRA
First Time on a Bike: 1988
Years Riding: since 2006
Riding Style: Mountainbike Freeride, Dirtjump, Slopestyle
Influences / inspiration: Cory Nastazio, Travis Pastrana, the Pagès Brothers
Favourite trail: the YG castle compound
Favourite drinks: Red Bull
Favourite music: Rocky songs
Drives: a Range Rover Sport full black
Your Rules to live by: Ride for life, live to ride
Typical Day: Big breakfast, moto session until lunch, then dirt jump session, then skate session at the bowl
Wins/Accomplishments (Contests & Movies):
2012 3rd FISE Montpellier, 6th overall FMB World Tour, Winner Best Trick Contest at Suzuki Nine Nights and Claymore Challenge
2011 2nd FISE Montpellier, 2nd Vienna Air King, 3rd Rocket Air Slopestyle, 3rd White Style, 7th overall FMB World Tour,
2010 2nd FISE Montpellier, 4th overall FMB World Tour
2009 3rd FISE Montpellier
Spare Time: moto, skate, trampoline, snowboard

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