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ONZA AQUILA Review by Bikerumor.com | ONZA Tires

February 4, 2020 6:34 pm // Published by .

We hooked up Tyler Benedict from Bikerumor with some fresh Aquila tires (FRC 55a) for their bikepark road trip through Eastern Tennessee.

They needed something that could handle multiple surface types, from rock to loose dirt to hardpack, natural terrain and groomed flow trail, and work regardless of what the weather dished out.

Thats what he had to say: “

Traction good, rolling feel good, cornering good. What else? So far, they seem to be holding up well, there’s no undue signs of wear. I intentionally smashed through a few rock gardens and tried to land hard on several jumps, just to see if the sidewalls would take it. They did. And they seem to offer decent protection for the rim’s bead wall, too.

One thing that’s impressed me over the past few years is Onza’s ability to hold air in a tubeless setup, and these are no different. Once setup and adjusted to our desired pressures (about 23psi for Watts, around 24-26psi for me), we never had to touch them for the remainder of the trip. Or for weeks afterward. They just keep holding air. It’s seriously impressive.

If you’re looking for a grippy, durable, tough tire to handle rough, rocky terrain but still climb smoothly, the Onza Aquila is worth a look.”

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