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Visco GRP40
A top class high performance compound


Producer of high quality tires with distinctive looks and a healthy dose of Swissness. That’s the concept onza® tires continues to live by in its nineth season. Such a young brand has already achieved some impressive results. Take former team rider Roger Rinderknecht, winner of the 2012 4X World Championship title, or Marine Caribou, who became Junior DH World Champion in 2015. Wins in racing, positive tests in special interest magazines and word of mouth between enthusiasts out on the trails have all contributed to the ever increasing presence of onza® tires on bikes worldwide. These tires perform with the best in terms of traction, flat protection and weight. For 2017 you will see the work done with our team riders to develop some new products for Downhill and Cross Country Marathon.



Our products are available in over 30 countries. Visit our distributers-page to find out where to get your set of ONZA gear!

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  • I put a lot of trust into my tires dropping into some of these big chute lines, the new GRP40 compound will never leave doubting my traction on the way down!

    James Doerfling
  • Working with new sponsors is always an exciting thing and I am looking forward to bring forward the new Onza-Products.

    Geoff Gulevich

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  • The days seem to be going by soooo slowly.... counting down the upcoming season of racing! Here is a shot of one of our young US riders from the east coast, @joshua_rogers424 looking super fast! #racing #downhill #ibex #smoothisfast
  • Another inspiring line by the crew over in Cali! Thanks @novatecfactoryracing for sharing this with all of us!
  • All this snow, cold, and this picture is bringing us dreams of Sea Otter! Thx @basilweber! #oceanweasel #dreaming
  • We couldn't get enough of @jamesdoerfling Big Mountain Mondays....So we brought it back today! Have a good week!!! #bigmountain #mondays #bigballs #gravityfalls
  • It's almost go time out at #bootlegcanyon ! @jordannewth #gotime #ibex #citius #gravity #letsgetreadytorumble
  • Great shot of @aarongwin1  having some fun in his backyard! #socalwinter #citius #gwinning #visco
  • Love this shot from the @theradavist of the @allcity flying through the sky. #hardtail #skinwall #ibex #styleformiles
  • The new #svelt tires in #skinwall is looking perfectly matched during this past #fall #season #marathon #tires #mtb #crosscountry #gripitandripit #cycling #kuwahara
  • How do you get ready for 2017? @aarongwin1 #downhillmountainbiking #determined #mtb #endurance ・・・#repost Jeeezzzzzz. Just what is going through @aarongwin1 mind here? We are so excited to see what he will do this year. No pressure! @the_yt_mob
  • Size matters! Small bike manufacturer from German Ravensburg is convinced of this principal and equippes his kids bikes with bigger wheels and tires to achieve the same effect as found on 29 inch bikes: Bigger wheels roll over obstacles easier and spin with less resistance.
Their 26" MAX is now available with ONZA tires' CANIS 26x2.25 in skinwall.
#onzatires #vpace #canisskinwall #26“
  • The German FREERIDE magazine awarded our IBEX 27.5x2.25 with 9.5 out of 10 points in their last issue 4/16! The IBEX also received a "FREERIDE TIPP" category "All Mountain". The CITIUS 27.5x2.40 got awarded with 9 out of 10 points.
#onzatires #freeridemagazine #allmountain #tiretest #ibex #citius
  • Beautiful ride, put together from Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffe Bar in Minneapolis/USA.
#canis #onzatire #skinwall

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